Meet your Coordinators!

What’s up?! My name is Paul Renolis (aka Pauloncé) and I’m one of the co-coordinators for the Tulsa, OK trip.  I’m a junior in Sargent College, majoring in Human Physiology. I’m also a pre-med student.  On campus you can see me giving tours of the University to prospective students, tutoring in the Educational Resource Center, or dressing-up as Beyoncé and performing the Single Ladies dance.  Did I mention that I love to dance? I’m a hip-hop dancer.  I teach classes at the FitRec and I’m currently involved in a step team called X-ception! If you go on our trip, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about dance.  I’m so excited to be working with the CSC again for ASB.  Let the fun begin!

Hey all! My name is Amey Owen, one of the amazing coordinators of the Tulsa, OK trip to Open Arms Youth Project. I am a sophomore in COM and CAS double majoring in Public Relations and Psychology. Originally from Silver Spring, MD, right outside of D.C., I am not a Boston native but enjoy every minute of this wonderful city. On campus, I am a tour guide and a Sibling through the CSC. I love hanging out with friends, going on adventures, writing, and reading. I am a big fan of volunteering and can not wait for my first experience of ASB!


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