Posted by: asbtulsa10 | January 21, 2010

Meet Your Chaperone…Marvelous Mike!

ASB 2009: New Orleans, LA - ARNO (Animal Rescue)

Michael Lantvet left his Garden State home of New Jersey to attend UMass Amherst just about a decade ago.  While working on his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, he became involved with theater projects and creating impeccable lattés.  Mike left Amherst for Boston where he enrolled at BU to obtain his Master’s degree in School Counseling from the School of Education.

Michael’s interests include a bit of an obsession with food, namely: food blogs, engaging in discussions with fellow foodies, experimenting with recipes, culinary photography, and- most importantly- tasting new dishes.  He also enjoys dance competitions, a capella, geeky science stuff, reading, gadgets and the 90’s.

Michael has been with the ERC since Fall 2007 and has loved virtually every minute of his experience here.  Currently, Michael has the privilege of working with students individually to help them acquire and refine the skills they need to succeed here at BU.  Additionally, he heads up the Peer Tutoring Program and serves as the staff advisor for the Orgo Prep program.  Working with a wide variety of students has taught him that there is no single way of navigating the college experience.


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