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Vocab Word of the Week: Queer

Queer: Traditionally a derogatory term for non-heterosexuals, this term has been appropriated by some LGBT people to describe themselves. Some value the term because of its defiance and inclusiveness.  Avoid this term unless intent is clearly not offensive.

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Making that last minute decision? CHOOSE TULSA!! :)

Register for Tulsa @ 8am online January 31st!

Here’s a peek into what we will be doing during the week:

  • Rebuilding the center’s dance floor
  • Painting main entrances, benches, fences
  • Building a New Deck
  • Carpeting office
  • Putting quotations on wall
  • Put canopy over main entrance

Don’t forget– When not volunteering and making a difference, we will be going to Majestic (a Tulsa gay dance clubs)! Other events include laser tagging, an endangered animal zoo, and other fun activities! 🙂

Our site was even featured in the New York Times: Check it out!

Choose Tulsa! You won’t regret it!!!

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Registration is less than 2 weeks away!!

Both of us are very excited as registration for Alternative Spring Break draws closer and closer! Please come to the information sessions on the 2nd floor of the GSU to see what our trip and 34 other trips have to offer.


Today during office hours, we started to map our fun route to Oklahoma. We know the trip will be long, but as it has been said before, Alternative Spring Break groups that travel on long van trips actually bond closer. 🙂

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Meet Your Chaperone…Marvelous Mike!

ASB 2009: New Orleans, LA - ARNO (Animal Rescue)

Michael Lantvet left his Garden State home of New Jersey to attend UMass Amherst just about a decade ago.  While working on his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, he became involved with theater projects and creating impeccable lattés.  Mike left Amherst for Boston where he enrolled at BU to obtain his Master’s degree in School Counseling from the School of Education.

Michael’s interests include a bit of an obsession with food, namely: food blogs, engaging in discussions with fellow foodies, experimenting with recipes, culinary photography, and- most importantly- tasting new dishes.  He also enjoys dance competitions, a capella, geeky science stuff, reading, gadgets and the 90’s.

Michael has been with the ERC since Fall 2007 and has loved virtually every minute of his experience here.  Currently, Michael has the privilege of working with students individually to help them acquire and refine the skills they need to succeed here at BU.  Additionally, he heads up the Peer Tutoring Program and serves as the staff advisor for the Orgo Prep program.  Working with a wide variety of students has taught him that there is no single way of navigating the college experience.

Alternative Spring Breaks is coming!! March 6-14, 2010!

We are so excited for our trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma!  We’ll be working with Openarms Youth Project, an LGBT center for youth! Some of our tasks for this amazing week will include rebuilding part of their snazzy dance floor, painting, and other repairs around the center.  We’ll get to interact with the youth at the center in a various amount of ways. Also, we’ll get to explore the city of Tulsa for some extra fun throughout the week.  For more detailed information about our trip, come to one of the ASB Information Sessions listed below!

RSVP now on facebook:

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Fact of the Week!

11.5% of gay and lesbian youth report being physically attacked by family members 😦

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Vocab Word of the Week!

Transsexual: Someone taking steps to physically alter his or her sex to be more like the opposite sex.  Hormones, implants, surgery, etc. (male-to-female = mtf; female-to-male = ftm; Non-Operative = no surgery; Pre-Operative = have begun transition; Post-Operative = finished genital surgery).

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Hey everyone!

We have been in contact with our site and are getting more and more excited to help out Open Arms Youth Project this spring break!  Slowly but surely, our trip is coming into reality and we can’t wait. We wanted to share with you a video and hope it expresses how enthuiastic and pumped we are for ASB 2010:

ASB Love,

Paul and Amey!

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We’re Driving 30 Hours to Tulsa, OKLAHOMA! Get Pumped!

Hey all! The issue is LGBTQ youth.  In Tulsa, Oklahoma we will be working with the Openarms Youth Project to help make a difference in the young lives of Olkahoma LGBTQ. As we continue to prepare for this epic journey, we will keep you posted through this blog. We are both so excited and can’t wait for ASB 2010!

ASB Love,

Amey and Paul